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Do You Know who is Collecting and Sharing Information About You?

You understand how credit and credit reporting works. You realize that your ability to obtain credit is based largely on the information contained in your credit report. But when you apply for an apartment, write a check, or even install a phone, are you aware that the companies you do business with could be checking more than just your credit report? Click here

New Trends in Credit Fraud—What Every Consumer Should Know

Of all the various forms of credit theft that can happen to consumers, would you believe there is a headline-grabbing crime that most credit card holders would not even bother to complain about even if they knew? Click here

You Can Remove Your Name From Credit-Related Marketing Lists

Congress Close to Taking Action to Curb Rising Incidents of Identity Theft

What To Do If You Think You Have Become A Victim Of Identity Theft

Protect Your Credit Cards from Scam Artists

Identity Fraud Alert: Personal Home Pages Can Invite Identity Theft

Don't Be A Victim of Credit Theft: Make Sure the Businesses You Deal With Are Protecting You!

Protect Your Social Security Number

Is the Internet a Secure Place to Do Business and Shop?

Sophisticated Technologies Help Guard Your Credit Against Fraud

FTC Cracks Down on Credit Repair Companies

How the Credit Industry is Combating Credit Fraud

Does Credit Fraud Affect You?

Federal Law Protects Your Identity

Credit Repair Scam Could Lead You to Commit Fraud

Telephone Credit Scams Play on Consumers' Fears

FTC Targets "Credit Repair" Scams on the Internet

Do You Know What to Do If You Think Someone Has Stolen Your Identity?

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