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Would an eviction show up on my credit report? I was evicted from my apartment some time ago and am worried that it will show up on my report and ruin my credit and keep me from renting in the future.

An actual eviction is rather unlikely to show up on a credit report. The only thing in the realm of evictions that would show up is if there had been a judgment brought against the renter for unpaid back rent. This kind of monetary judgment would be a matter of public record and automatically, in most cases, end up on a credit report.

If you were evicted but not taken to court by the property owner to pay any back rent, then you will not have any notations about your past rental problem showing up on your credit report.

However, even though it may not be on your credit report, you will probably not be able to use your last place of residence for any kind of reference, due to the eviction. This may be a problem in renting future apartments as most property owners want at least a list of the last two to five years of a prospective tenant’s residences. If you simply do not list your last apartment (the one you were evicted from), it may look a bit odd.

However, this is assuming that you were evicted on negative grounds that were your fault and might make you look bad to a property owner, whereas you may have been evicted due to something that was entirely your old apartment owner’s fault. But either way, it may be a good idea to be upfront about your eviction, if asked.

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